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About Us

In 2013, Viewzr was conceived by a group of young artists with the notion that quality entertainment can come from anywhere. Our passion for the digital world of entertainment led us to believe that there was so much more we could do to provide for creators. In a world saturated with cat videos and shaky iPhone footage, our goal was to create a unique high-quality video platform that would improve both the artist and user experience. Viewzr takes pride in sharing only the highest-quality content by artists, athletes, and filmmakers to compose a library worth browsing.

On our journey to creating this new platform we discovered huge potential for content creators that is unlike anything we’ve seen before. At Viewzr, we realize that collaboration is a crucial element of the entertainment industry. Today’s market thrives upon the idea that artists can work with other artists to create an even better product. Our Content Creator Portal has opened up the opportunity for a vast network of content creators to communicate and collaborate with one another in the hopes of creating new ideas.

If you are viewing this, you have been invited to use the Beta version of our site. We are working tirelessly to assemble creatives and viewers from around the world who believe in the potential of our ideas. We know that the technology exists for any artist to become an international sensation with the support of the viewing public alone, and we hope to be pioneers in this regard. But in the meantime, we are focusing on creating a collaborative and fun environment that we can all enjoy.


Wes Harper

C.E.O Operations Manager

Scott Clampet

C.O.O Director of Operations

Mike Spidaliere

C.M.O Director of Viewer Cultivation

Mike Ali

C.M.O Director of Creator Cultivation

Andy Thurston

Financial Ninja