How This Professional CRM Tool is Helping Small Businesses

Customer relationship management (CRM) is important now, more than ever, as we are in a situation where we don’t get to see our customers as we used to – which is true for at least all the brick & mortar shops. As much as you may need CRM solutions, they  can get both expensive and … Read moreHow This Professional CRM Tool is Helping Small Businesses

DirectQuery CDS from Power BI

Last year I wrote a lengthy blog post comparing the three main methods of getting Dynamics 365, or Common Data Service data into Power BI for analysis. Now, at the most recent Microsoft Business Applications Summit, a new method was announced that I was finally able to try out. The method is using the new TDS endpoint. … Read moreDirectQuery CDS from Power BI

Getting Started With CRM

Customer relationship management (or CRM) refers to any software-supported, formal program that keeps track of profiles, behavior and interactions with customers, leads or prospects. Let’s say your business has a customer named Lindsey Smith. A robust CRM will allow your sales, marketing, or customer service team members to pull up Lindsey’s profile from just about … Read moreGetting Started With CRM

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Invades PC and Consoles Holiday 2020

Ubisoft announced the latest entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Valhalla on Wednesday with a very extensive 4-hour long through a live-stream drawing with BossLogic. The stream ended with a beautiful piece of the game’s new hero surrounded by some stunning scenery where naval and hand-to-hand battles take place. I guess with the cancel of E3 this year and other conventions, publishers … Read moreAssassin’s Creed Valhalla Invades PC and Consoles Holiday 2020

It is or it’s good to be

In our daily lives, we are constantly faced with various objectives, activities and jobs that we need to accomplish. Some of them end successfully and some others end up on another list like “I’ll do it or get there when we can”. Despite personal ambition, some things are necessary in our minds, so “MUST BE … Read moreIt is or it’s good to be

Mobile Vs Desktop, A First World Problem

One thing that both impresses and annoys me about my father is his desire to use his phone to research things. Like, a few months ago we were trying to find a restaurant to go to for when we went downtown. My father sat in a chair and used his phone to map out places … Read moreMobile Vs Desktop, A First World Problem

This is The Best Time to Be a Web-writer

While everyone’s too busy complaining about the pandemic, the quarantine, the economic side-effects of this pandemic and quarantine, here’s what happened to me yesterday: I got more blog visitors, views, likes, comments, and new followers than any previous day in the last 30 days. And today is setting up to be an equally interesting day … Read moreThis is The Best Time to Be a Web-writer

The Laptop Atelier and Retreat Center

I am not living in a beautiful woodsy cabin where I can commune with nature. Gentle sea breezes do not waft through my gloriously appointed palm hut with beach access. There are no chef-prepared gourmet meals delivered at predictable hours with linen napkins. Celebratory cocktails served at the end of a productive studio day have … Read moreThe Laptop Atelier and Retreat Center

Acquired by Tech Giants?

What type of companies does the fastest-growing unicorn in Silicon Valley acquire? Let’s find out. Stripe — the darling of Silicon Valley Stripe helps other companies process payments online. Their focus on being developer-friendly has clearly paid off with their latest private valuation of $36B. Busy with acquisitions Stripe started acquiring companies around 2013 and … Read moreAcquired by Tech Giants?

15 Human Resource and Recruitment Blogs worth Following

Recruiting and the human resource industry is the fastest growing business nowadays. Additionally, it is also rapidly changing its processes and getting high-tech day by day. In today’s blog, we have listed the best blogs you should follow in 2020 to stay updated with the recruiting industry news. 1. Human Resources Today  Their community’s main goal … Read more15 Human Resource and Recruitment Blogs worth Following