Things we take for granted!

here are many things we take for granted. health Dear people, The roof over your head, The tools we have available, etc. One of the main reasons why this happens is the lack of attention. Attention to see what surrounds us. Attention to understanding what value everything we have. If we take something simple like, … Read moreThings we take for granted!

How many happy people do you know?

asked this question yesterday on my social media pages. How many happy adults do you know? Hundreds of comments and nearly 20,000 views so far. Average answer: 0-2 people. Other typical answers: There is no happiness In life there are only fragments of happiness, not complete happiness. Whoever looks happy, acts. How reliable are these … Read moreHow many happy people do you know?

Tell me who you’re with, let me tell you who you are!

We can all hear this expression, but from hearing to doing, there is a great difference. On our Mastermind Facebook group, we’ve put together a select few who share the same goal. Develop themselves and earn more income using the capacities that the internet offers. 6 Months from the start and there is a big … Read moreTell me who you’re with, let me tell you who you are!

It is or it’s good to be

In our daily lives, we are constantly faced with various objectives, activities and jobs that we need to accomplish. Some of them end successfully and some others end up on another list like “I’ll do it or get there when we can”. Despite personal ambition, some things are necessary in our minds, so “MUST BE … Read moreIt is or it’s good to be

Expert vs. being Useful

Society and schools have taught us that to build something worthwhile you must be an expert. To help someone get from point A to point B, you need to have the right qualifications. To teach, you need a degree, etc. In reality, things are very different. A mom who teaches her daughter how to cook … Read moreExpert vs. being Useful

The Laptop Atelier and Retreat Center

I am not living in a beautiful woodsy cabin where I can commune with nature. Gentle sea breezes do not waft through my gloriously appointed palm hut with beach access. There are no chef-prepared gourmet meals delivered at predictable hours with linen napkins. Celebratory cocktails served at the end of a productive studio day have … Read moreThe Laptop Atelier and Retreat Center

The Future Of Tech, Work, Education and Living Post COVID-19

This year’s COVID-19 pandemic has been highly disruptive in many areas of our lives. As I type this article, there have been statistically nearly 5.5 million cases and almost 350,000 deaths from this pandemic around the world. In addition to the toll this virus has taken on peoples’ lives, there have been grave economic ramifications. … Read moreThe Future Of Tech, Work, Education and Living Post COVID-19