Things we take for granted!

here are many things we take for granted.

Dear people,
The roof over your head,

The tools we have available, etc.

One of the main reasons why this happens is the lack of attention.

Attention to see what surrounds us.

Attention to understanding what value everything we have.

If we take something simple like, the tools we use every day…

The fridge that keeps everything cool,
The stove that enables the foods we consume every day,

Lamp that creates illumination.

All these technologies and tools, no matter how simple they seem to us today,
did not exist once.

The problem is, when something is given without working, without thinking, without asking,

it is simple to take it for granted.

When you take something or someone for granted,
it is difficult to appreciate it and consequently, difficult

to understand what potential it has.

This moment can be a call to be more attentive and

more conscious.

What surrounds us offers more wealth than we can imagine.

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