A mistake many entrepreneurs make …

In business this phenomenon is common and more ventures fail than almost anything else.

An entrepreneur, after starting his / her business, finds it easy to fall in love with what he / she has built.

A special kind of pride comes with building something from scratch.

The problem with this is that love for the product or service you create, more often than not

we are ready to accept it, it results in a halt to improvement and development.

When you believe that the product or service you have created is the best, of course it will not look normal

to improve it.

This relationship is actually toxic to many businesses.

What on the contrary always brings development and in most cases success, is the relationship with the client.

Falling in love with the client means having his / her needs always in mind.

Understand what he wants, what his troubles are, what he does not like, how he wants to be served, etc.

By being service focused, the product or service will automatically improve

and business will develop.

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