Tell me who you’re with, let me tell you who you are!

We can all hear this expression,

but from hearing to doing, there is a great difference.

On our Mastermind Facebook group, we’ve put together a select few who share the same goal.

Develop themselves and earn more income using the capacities that the internet offers.

6 Months from the start and there is a big change in everyone, including us who organize it.

The reasons for this are many, but one reason prevails above all…

The pressure created by the high standard of everyone in the group.

Each member of the group constantly works with themselves and their results and is an example to other members.

To be part of the group, you must either develop yourself or leave, and it is this fear that motivates everyone to take continuous steps forward.

If the people around you never change or do not want to change, so will you, you will not have enough motivation or pressure to develop yourself.

It’s really that simple.

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