It is or it’s good to be

In our daily lives, we are constantly faced with various objectives, activities and jobs that we need to accomplish.

Some of them end successfully and some others end up on another list like “I’ll do it or get there when we can”.

Despite personal ambition, some things are necessary in our minds, so “MUST BE MADE WITH PATIENTS” and some others belong to another category called “WILL BE GOOD”.

Like it or not, this categorization is constantly happening in our minds.

Something that MUST be done is accompanied by more motivation, will and conviction.

Something that WILL BE GOOD is often overlooked, precisely because it is not accompanied by a concrete necessity.

The reality is that things that have the potential to make the most impact often end up in the second category.

Waking up at 4:45 in the morning is not necessary, but with this activity, we can create a tremendous impact on our lives.

Exercising 1 hour a day is not necessary, but the benefits are innumerable.

The key to success lies in the ability to consciously pass something from “It would be good” to “It must be done.”

The way to accomplish this can be as simple as compiling a list, or having the right people by your side, pushing us to do more things we don’t want to do.

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