Expert vs. being Useful

Society and schools have taught us that to build something worthwhile you must be an expert.
To help someone get from point A to point B, you need to have the right qualifications.

To teach, you need a degree, etc.

In reality, things are very different.

A mom who teaches her daughter how to cook does not have a certificate to prove her skills.

A good salesman has no degree.

An artist who produces works of art does not have a license to create his own art.

The scenarios are different, but the logic is the same.

In everyday life, what matters is the ability to accomplish something effectively.

Being an expert in a category helps, but often what pays even more is the practical knowledge associated with a single thing.

The creativity needed to build a specific thing,
Intuition to understand a topic better than others,
The talent to communicate in a certain way,
Great desire to do something better…

For each person, these specific skills vary.

What doesn’t change is the fact that there are always people who need them.

Being an expert is good,

being useful is even better.

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