Mobile Vs Desktop, A First World Problem

One thing that both impresses and annoys me about my father is his desire to use his phone to research things. Like, a few months ago we were trying to find a restaurant to go to for when we went downtown. My father sat in a chair and used his phone to map out places and read their reviews and view the menus. Whereas if I was doing that task, I’d 100% do it on my laptop. And I have a larger phone than he does.

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Way back in high school, I had an iPod Touch and no laptop, so I definitely did whatever I needed to do on that, and it was fine, mostly. It was kind of my only choice because the family laptop was often being used by someone else and it certainly was not the quickest device in the world to boot up. But I’d still use it for bigger things, like buying movie tickets or applying for summer jobs. Once I got my laptop, though, it became my go-to for most things online. I have completely adapted to it. I blog from my laptop, I send emails from my laptop, I watch YouTube videos from my laptop. Any time I have to look something up, I reach for my laptop. The thought of doing research and viewing multiple websites on mobile formatting is just exhausting. All that scrolling and zooming and several clicks to switch tabs. It’s so slow compared to a desktop. And yet, I used to do it almost exclusively.

Though my father does still use a computer fairly often and recently bought himself a tablet, he’s still on his phone most of the time, especially in the evenings. That’s his choice. He doesn’t complain much about it.

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There are a few things I prefer to do on mobile. Some social media apps like Twitter and Instagram are better on my phone. It’s faster to check my emails and load my WordPress Reader on mobile too. But I prefer to type on a keyboard than a touch screen, so as soon as I have to send an email or even write a blog comment, I’ll usually wait until I can do it on a computer. I think it’s just faster and also easier for me to see what I write because I don’t have to scroll so much.

It’s interesting that mobile devices are so popular and they all boast big screens and the ability to do whatever we want to do, but to me, they’ll never compete with a computer. Sure, they’re better for portability and can fit in a pocket (well, not a woman’s pocket), but when it comes down to it, a computer is so much faster to interact with and better for reading and writing. Laptops/computers will never die out for this reason.

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Which do you prefer to use? Is there something you refuse to do on one?

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